Seniors session Package

If you’re a senior and you want to clear your way and organize your thoughts, you can use this option because it let’s you in with both of your partners to discuss your senior design project and start freshly all on one page!

In this session you will get a full hour consultation about your project. Details might vary depending on the design phase you are going through, but here are some main guidelines we can help you with!

-Concept development and case studies.

-Professional site analysis, including all details (not only sun/wind direction).

-Planning details (Zoning, bubble diagrams, plan proposals for your design).

-Design details (technical drawings, interior ideas, sections, elevations).

-Jury tips and how to defend yourself in front of the jurors depending on your design.



-SWOT studies and how to use strong and weak points in your design to serve you.

-Also, you can ask ANY type of questions/concerns you have about your project.

We are here to help YOU earn that A!

PS: Each one of the group should book this session separately at the same time and then we can join all in one zoom call.

Seniors session

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